Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…please.

I think I am a pretty unusual adult in that I love snow. Any snow, at any time. I particularly like heavy winter downpours that cripple the transport systems. I’m not being sarcastic, honestly, I really do love the snow and I’ll tell you for why.

Quite apart from the fact that everything, even my overcrowded, rubbish strewn, urban roads looks beautiful, clean and fresh, I love that everyone has to slow down. Schools and work places, if not shut, are understanding of those who can’t get there and so you get to spend special, extra time with those closest to you, without the stress of ‘fitting them in’ before the next thing.

If you want to go out, you are probably going to have to wrap up very warm and walk and that has a fun all of its own. People wear all kinds of funny clothes combinations, fashion, and the judgement it brings, goes out of the window and, because everyone is battling against the same element, people smile and chat to each other and even look out for one another. It reminds me that 99.99999% of people in the world are lovely because the snow gives them the time to show it.

So what prompted me to write this ode to snow? Well all this week I have been promised copious amounts of the wonderful white stuff and, this morning, twitter and Facebook are full of posts about how much snow different friends have or how difficult the snow has made their journey to work etc while we have nothing! The odd lonely little flake is blowing around in the biting, arctic wind but there is nothing on the ground. It’s a little bit like waking up Christmas morning and discovering Santa forgot to come. Just one more reason to move to Scotland I figure, I’m certainly adding it to my list.

So enjoy the snow, if you are lucky enough to have some, and spare a thought for us who missed out this time.


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