New Year’s Resolutions

Well January is almost over so I thought, in the interests of full disclosure, I would let you all know exactly how I’m getting on with those all-important resolutions I made.

1. To write one word every day—well I was doing really well until last Monday when I had a funeral to go to and a kind of benevolent excuses regime seemed to come into force. You know the kind of thing, “Oh I can let myself off today because it’s the funeral.” followed by, “Yesterday was pretty tough, I’m just going to be nice to myself today, I’ll get back to it tomorrow.” then the ever popular, “I’m in a period of understandable mourning, I need to be good to myself.” opps, don’t appear to have written anything for almost a week. Well, enough is enough, today, not tomorrow, I am getting back on the wagon. One word a day, every day, no excuses!

2. I will exercise for 30 minutes a day—almost complete success. I had one day off and that’s it. Before you get too impressed I do have to confess that my starting point was complete stagnation and my 30 minutes can either be playing on the Wii fit or walking, I’m hardly training for a marathon. Nevertheless I have managed to keep to it so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. I didn’t bother with the dieting resolution. I am happy in my skin and I like cakes so there’s no point setting myself up to fail – I don’t want to diet, so there!

3. I will blog once a week—by the very skin of my teeth a success! Quite pleased about that and find I am loving getting comments from people I don’t know and, therefore, haven’t paid to say nice things to me so, if that’s you, keep them coming please.

4. This year I will finally sort the flat out—it has been three years since we moved into our flat and we still have a loft full of boxes I haven’t sorted through and nothing has its own place. This drives me a little crazy and I have determined this year will be the year everything finally gets sorted, I will get rid of my toot (rhymes with soot) and find a place for everything and keep it there too. I will empty the loft, which is actually a lovely little room, then I can set up the telescope I am going to get for Christmas (hint, hint husband) and live in peace and tranquillity with my surroundings. What’s that I hear you say, how far have I got? Well I have a plan and it is still only January after all, I have eleven months until I have to admit I’ve failed.

So that’s how I’m doing, how about you? You know I’d love to hear.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. With all that exercise, have you lost any weight? I’ve lost almost 60 pounds since the beginning of January of 2012, so about 13 months… and yes, it’s been slow, but it’s been steady and I haven’t really dieted at all 🙂 (Although I did cut out the beer and exercised more…)

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