A Good Week

The most difficult thing about making a resolution to write a blog once a week is, I’m finding, to think of something interesting enough to say that won’t bore anyone kind enough to read it to death. Take this week, for example, I have had a fantastic week, the best in quite a long time but that is mostly because I haven’t done much so what am I going to write about. Well, I thought I’d give you a breakdown of my week, perhaps you’ll get inspired to have a lazy week yourself, or perhaps you will decide you must spend your downtime more profitably than me and book yourself a hotel break that you can boast to me about when the time comes. Anyway, here goes.

Monday-I spent the day with my Mum. We were supposed to be going through my Nan’s things but instead we went for a wonderful pub lunch. The pub in question was ancient and had a large inglenook fire which was, of course, burning brightly. The food was incredible and they did a wonderful line in hot chocolate and warm welcomes, there was even a beautiful bear of a dog who just wanted to be hugged the whole time. It was just exactly what we needed.

Tuesday-I spent the whole day writing! It was bliss. I wrote 2012 words on the young readers’ story I am working on all about aliens and archaeology, then I took my two dogs for a long walk before writing 1122 words on my brand new novel, which is about the problems we all face from time to time. Then I had a coffee and tried to decide whether to start the housework that was beginning to scream at me but decided instead to start the short story about a spooky house I need to work on for an anthology. It was amazing to have so much time to devote to the thing I love doing more than anything else in the world.

Wednesday-the dogs and I went over to my friend’s house to write some more and were thoroughly spoiled with hot chocolate and so many cookies and crumpets I daren’t even begin to tell you what my blood sugar was.

Thursday-I took a friend’s young daughter to see my Mum and her dog, who she had been begging to see for literally months. My Mum cooked us a lovely meal and my friend’s child was over the moon to spend time with her doggie friend.

Friday-this was the day I was going to do the housework, honest. I was even going to wash the carpets. But I didn’t. Instead I spent 5 hours doing a jigsaw puzzle of 1950s sweet bars while watching all my guilty TV secrets like Homes Under The Hammer and The Waltons, it was brilliant. Then he-who-was-daft-enough-to-marry-me and I went out for a relaxing evening meal with friends.

Today has been just as lovely, I have spent the whole day with the man I love walking our dogs in the windy, wild and freezing countryside and just chilling out together. It really has been a great week. Before you get too jealous and start plotting vengeful schemes to disturb my undeserved happiness, tomorrow I am on duty with the youth and then leading a knitting group in the evening before work begins again on Monday so this idyll won’t last don’t worry.


5 thoughts on “A Good Week

  1. Hi Hellen, sounds like the ‘sorting through my nan’s things’ might be at the bottom of this. I’ve noticed that my brain forces me to relax when significant sad anniversaries come around. It might be a week or more before I realise that the day I was eating extra Tunnock’s cream cakes on was the day a particular close person died. Amazing organ the brain. We still know so little about it. Anne

  2. Sometimes being good to yourself is what you need. I bought a jigaw for my grandchildren from a charity shop and thought I would quickly assemble it to make sure all the pieces were there. It took me three hours; next time I’ll count them!

    • Good plan. My friend and I once got so frustrated with a jigsaw that, once we had finished it, we had a ritual burning over the BBQ! We felt it would be cruel to leave it sitting in the charity shop for another unsuspecting enthusiast.

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