Things Can Only Get Better, And So They Did!

What a difference a week can make! I have had such a wonderful weekend, with two major new steps in my journey into writing. Firstly I started my Facebook author’s page and Secondly I took part in my very first book-signing event.

Making my author page for Facebook is something I had been putting off, unsure if it was really necessary or if anyone would be interested in little old me. However, with two books already available on Amazon, another one due out at the beginning of March and four more projects on the go it suddenly seemed to make sense to have a central page to let people know about everything I’m doing. So this week I took the plunge. It was quite easy to do and I had fun deciding which pictures to use but the best thing of all was just how quickly I built up the likes! I had no idea there would be 40 people in the world who would be in the least bit interested in my random ramblings but, less than a week in, the page has 40 likes. This is especially satisfying as I only have a very small family so they can’t all know me personally can they?

If you’d like to take a look then visit now how’s that for a snappy address?

The second new experience was that, together with my co-authors from both The Other  Way Is Essex and The Saved Saint, this Saturday I took part in my first book-signing event. I have to tell you that, as a cynical veteran of many, many days spent on information stalls for the fostering service I used to work for, my expectations were low. I knew my Mum was coming and a friend had said she would be there too but I really wasn’t expecting anyone else to turn up, I even considered taking my knitting so I would have something to do. (Looks away in shame!) How wrong I was. The event began at 10:30 in the morning at the local library, where the writing group I belong to meets, we had five books on offer, including an anthology of  short stories being sold for charity. To start with things were a little slow, however, by 11am there was a steady stream of people buying different books, all waiting patiently for their books to be signed and enjoying chatting to us. It was so much fun although I did learn two things, it’s a good idea to know what dedication you’d like to write and you really should marry a man with a short surname.

Just when the tables had a goodly queue of people waiting and chatting, my Mum arrived and when, shortly afterwards, the press photographer arrived too, my Mum almost burst with pride. I could see her beaming face from the corner of my eye, it was lovely particularly as she hasn’t had much to smile about over the past couple of months.

The whole event was so much fun that, the first time I asked someone what the time was, it was 12:59 and the signing was due to finish at 1pm.

I would definitely recommend doing a book-signing with friends who also have books out and I hope to be doing more, it does mean you avoid the ‘billy-no-mates’ syndrome which is the biggest fear of the author when signings are mentioned and I am already looking into ways to do more.



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