Oh, The Glamour Of It All!

No, not the Oscars, Grammies, Brits or whatever awards show is up next. I’m talking about the business of being an author.

After the headiness of the book signing it’s been back to earth with a bump this week as I gear up to self-publish my first science fiction novel, New Earth: Beginnings. How hard can it be? I hear you ask, well, the answer is, not really very hard at all but it is, dare I say, a bit boring!

I am a writer, I love watching new worlds develop on my page, seeing characters take charge of their own lives, discovering new plot twists and trying to stay rooted in reality long enough to remember to take the dogs for a walk but once the story is down on the page, the boring stuff takes over. When I think the story is good enough for an agent to like the journey is quite exciting and fairly painless, I write individual letters for each agent, which is a creative process in itself, then send them, along with the requisite words, to each one in turn. Then I dive headlong into the next story until I hear from them, or remember I’m waiting and give up on selling that one.

However, when I decide to self-publish, I have to stop doing the fun stuff and actually get on with the real work. Choosing a cover picture, designing the cover, writing the back blurb, the product description for Amazon/Goodreads etc., finding a half-decent picture to put over my author’s bio (never found a decent one yet, so I keep changing them) and that’s all before I get to the publishing bit. Once I get there I have to do a final, final, final edit (because I’m rubbish at spelling), make sure it’s in the right font and complies with the publishing platform’s formatting rules, it’s never ending. But then, then comes the bit I love. I click publish and, 24 hours later, people can download my book. The rush of typing my name into Amazon and seeing books being listed will never, ever get tired and, two weeks later, I can order hard copies so I guess that all that boring stuff is, eventually, worth it, but, when I’m in the middle of it, like right now, I don’t half long for the glamour of a book signing.


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