Facebook-The Marmite of the Technological Age.

Love it or hate it I think Facebook is here to stay (now watch those shares crash) but, as a writer, I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the site, much like the way I feel about Marmite.

I hate Marmite, it is disgusting tar looking stuff and actually a waste product from beer making which you can tell from the taste. That is apart from when I’ve got a cold, then it is like Heaven’s own ambrosia. It can actually get through to my taste buds and give me something to taste other than catarrh or Lemsip (yummy, I know, sorry). Spread thinly on buttered toast it is the first thing I reach for, after the tissues.

Facebook is a lot like that, it is a massive, time-eating, blood-pressure raising, completely pointless site where I can find out what my friend’s neighbour’s cat had for dinner or play pointless games mimicking the life I could be leading if I could just step away from the computer. It is the thing I have to guard against if I want to get any writing done and I hate it. Until, that is, I need to check in with my wonderful adopted sister who is studying in Dundee, or to find out what time a party starts or if anyone can have my dogs while I go away, then it is a marvel of the modern age and I wonder how I ever managed without it. I can’t even really blame it for my inability to concentrate on my writing anymore as recently it has actually become a real help.

One of my friend’s children joined Facebook and became my ‘friend’. She is a very forthright child, which is one of the many reasons we love her. She is very keen that I finish my current work in progress, mainly because one of the characters is based on her, so now, whenever we are on Facebook at the same time, she messages me. ‘How many words have you written today?’  It’s become a little tyranny, it makes me write because, if I haven’t made it close to 1,000 words by the time she asks, she demands, not unreasonably, ‘Why are you playing on Facebook then?’

I’m so confused.

Do I hate Facebook because of all the time it wastes or love it because it keeps me in touch with friends who encourage me to write?

Perhaps I should try Pinterest instead.


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