Small & Beautiful

It’s been a very strange weekend, strange but really great. 

The funniest thing that happened to me happened on Sunday morning in Church and, I apologise now, involved the loo (what is it with me and loos?). I was helping out in the 9-13 group in Planet Kids this week and felt prior to the service I’d better escape to the loo while I had the chance, not knowing the care-takers had left the tannoy on this weekend just for a treat. Without being too graphic let me tell you it’s a little disconcerting to be sitting on the loo whilst being serenaded by Heather Small blasting out of the tannoy asking ‘What have I done today to make me feel proud?’! Still it did put me in a good mood which is always helpful when facing teenagers.

On Saturday some friends and I drove down to Brentwood to attend one of the occasional extended worship events Closer. It was absolutely pouring with rain and the roads were flooded and all we knew was that the Church was down a little country lane somewhere between Brentwood and Ongar. Still armed with my new, super wizzy, pretty sure it could fly the Enterprise phone which has GPS we set off We’d left loads of time because the Sadlers Farm roundabout was going to be closed all weekend so the A127 was going to be completely chock-a-block wasn’t it? Well, as it turned out, no. The GPS was brilliant and directed us expertly down dark, almost flooded country roads until we found the wonderfully clear and brand new Brentwood Vineyard road sign. We arrived so early that we half expected the guys preparing the building to just be getting out of the shower but it was wet and cold so we went in anyway. They were wonderful, very, very welcoming. There was tea, coffee and doughnuts waiting and we were soon chatting away to friends from all over Essex and Kent before the real fun started. Jon Lavery and the band were fantastic and led us in a brilliant extended worship session before Libby from Chelmsford Vineyard spoke and then Dave led the formal part of the evening as Brentwood Vineyard was formally accepted into the Vineyard Movement and Ameila and Lucas were commissioned as their Senior Pastors. It was wonderful though I’ve never seen so many posh dresses and suits at a Vineyard service in my life! The ministry time was completely mind blowing and quite literally life changing for several folk and we then enjoyed a buffet complete with a wonderful home made Commissioning celebration cake before heading home.

On Sunday those teenagers I was talking about earlier were wonderfully creative as we talked about Genesis and the creation, the girls made planets out of paper, tin-foil, fabric, pipe-cleaners and just about anything else they could find while the boys made amazing paper planes the size of jumbo jets by sticking more and more sheets of paper together – ah that reminds me, must order more sellotape. Our discussions included such light-hearted topics as global warming, evolution and science and how the two are not in conflict at all, the wonders of geology, sin, the fact Jesus died for them and ‘who is this God bloke anyway?’, that’s why I love Humaniods, never a dull moment.


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