Isn’t It Ironic?

Recently I have been thinking quite a lot about irony, brought on by the fact that I found myself tweeting about how a PBS documentary about the Amish was making me want to move to Pennsylvania and share in their life-style.

I began to notice other little ironies creeping in to, for example my tendency to Facebook about my battle with procrastination when writing and my friend Anna looking straight at me and struggling to remember her sister’s name, which is the same as mine. Of course the biggest irony I have come across is Alanis Morissette’s song ‘Isn’t it Ironic?” which always has me screaming at the radio, “No. That’s just sod’s law.”

So what is the point of irony? Well in an academic setting it is useful to show you understand a concept enough to be able to point out its flaws and, in a literally setting, it is seen as a useful device to point to the larger issues your work seeks to highlight, but what about when irony raises its head in the everyday setting. Well, I’ve thought long and hard about that and have come to a very clear realisation.

Irony is God’s way of showing us He has a sense of humour and His sneaky way of helping the world to laugh at us when we take ourselves too seriously. Now isn’t that ironic?